Sunday, April 13, 2014

How To Get On Hot Now (Posted by Chyna260)

Hi hi c(^-^)c so a lot of people seem to have a hard time getting on hot now or at least having enough people for their event, so I thought I'd help you guys out.

1. Make sure your unit is designed right. 
Remember the saying 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'? Ya they lied cause everyoneeeeeeeeee does it. I know personally when I'm searching through events I click the unit that looks the most well done. If I see a unit that looks like it took you 2 minutes, ha no.

2. Invite your friends. 
When I say invite your friends no I don't mean go through your entire friends list and message everyone saying "Come now! Party at my place! Games, free! blah blah blahhhh," no trust me you don't wanna be that girl/boy XD. What I mean is if you and all your close friends are already hanging out suggest that you guys all start an event at your place or if you guys are already hanging out in your party room put it on events. Because not only do people look at your unit design when going through events they also look at the number of people there. No one wants to show up to your event you just started with only you there then we're forced to talk to the only person there and we, like myself, are socially awkward XD.

3. Advertisement.
You know how you always get those 10 people that come to your event right when you've finally hit hot now and do a million addz so everyone leaves? Please don't be one of them. When you do addz try to go to places like the plaza or street, places that people usually show up when they first log into WoozWorld. Do not do addz at other peoples events. Also try to have a number set in mind on how many people you want at your event before you stop addz.

4. Don't take too long. 
If your hosting a game like next top model or revenge, don't take forever to wait for people to show up. What I usually do is once there's at least 2-3 people in each color in revenge or if the next top model line is full or almost full, I start my game. I've noticed a lot of people wait until they have 20 or 15 people at their event to start which usually causes them to lose a lot of people. If your one of those people that wait till 20-15 people are there don't worry about starting before that because most people do buy to play after they've started a game which means more money for you $.$.

And that pretty much all I have for noww :P Hope it helped XD.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New!! Sweaters, Tanks, and Crops! (Posted by OhSnapItzSierra)

Hey hey!
That's riiight! It's mee :D
How much did'ja miss me? :o

Uh .. anyhoo..

I want the crop tops sooo badly ;o;
Yoou cannot deny the amazingly awesome brilliance of these shirts.
Come on.
Really now.
Don't deny it.

~The Diamonds areeeee a bit much though.. to "flashy".. ew.~
Anyways.. Enjoy them!

Adios :D

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Look Out Everyone! ^-^ (Posted By OhSnapItzSierra)

Hello everyone :o
Okay .. give me a break for a second.
I hate introducing myself.
But I feel like it's necessary.

Hiii! Well.. I'm Sierra. I've been on Woozworld for like ... 3 years? I think. o-0
Yeah.. 3 years. I just checked.
And I am in LOVE with music, reading, art, editing, and design <3

I do lots of Woozworld/IMVU/MovieStarPlanet photo edits and I also design clothing for Woozworld, thought I am never quite confident enough to post them xo

I will be posting a lot about drama, occurring events, and new outfits.

By "events" I mean.. like Woozband-held events and really popular events held by Woozens themselves!
Hey.. I'm sort of like the Woozarazzi! (but not as annoying and quite frankly, not as stupid xD)

It's meeeeee! >>>

So um.. quick thing.. now that you know who i am could you kindly NOT spam me? :D
I'll give you cookies if you behave!

Jkkk xD

Adios mis niños
(Goodbye my children) <3


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Big Woozen Outfits! (Posted By CoolAzn)

Hey guys! Are you excited for Spring??? I know I am! Now that Spring break has come upon us, WoozWorld made new outfits!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Costume Emergency (Posted by Chyna260)

Hi hi :P I know a lot of you have been waiting for the next episode of Yeti High to come out (sorry about the wait). But recently I've noticed that WzW no longer sells the yeti costumes :o. So I'm willing to pay anyone's price for full or part of the yeti costume (preferably colorable) so if you have a yeti costume that you don't need and are willing to sell email: or message me on fb:  (I don't go first). Thanks for anyone that messages! We really need those costumes for future episodes.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Some People Just Make Me Sick (Posted by Chyna260)

Hi hi :P as a recent request I decided to find current WzW drama going on. My friend suggested I go check out the movie theater since she had heard some rumors about it and I must say I wish I didn't go.

Basically there are 2 gangs the "Blood" and the "Crisps" (I think). To be in the Blood gang you have to wear red and basically act pathetic and try to hurt everyone with human feelings that are not in the blood gang. And for the Crisps gang, well I don't know how you join the crisps gang but I sure wasn't staying long enough to find out. My assumption of how the gangs work, you guys can correct me if I'm wrong for anyone that's in the gangs (which in that case can click exit out of this blog thank you), but basically I think the point of the gangs are to try and bully everyone enough to the point where they leave. Personally I think the only reason people actually do this is to make themselves feel better since they're hiding behind a computer screen and feel that this behavior is okay. If you do happen to go there you'll see A LOT of swearing so much that you can barely understand what the person are saying. I hope the mods start sitting there and ban most of the people starting these fights and gangs, cause until then I'm not going back to the movie theater anytime soon.

*Rant done* XD  

Honey Swamp TM Quiz Answers (Posted by Chyna260)

Hi hi :o so here ya go:

1. What is Honey Swamp’s freaky flaw?
Answer: Perfectionist

2. Clawdia Wolf and (blank) are pinned as friends on Honey Swamp’s profile. Who is blank?
Answer: Viperine Gorgon 

3. How old is Honey Swamp in swamp monster years?
Answer: 115

4. What color are Honey Swamp’s heels on her profile?
Answer: Pink 

5. Honey Swamp’s favorite foods are dead beans and rice and what?
Answer: Jamboolya

6. True or False: Honey Swamp is a pet owner?
Answer: False 

Hoped these helped ^-^ btw the prize is a poster of Honey Swamp 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New CarnaWooz Outfits! (Posted By CoolAzn)

Hey it's CoolAzn! It's time for CarnaWooz!! There are new outfits in store that are so fancy. You might just buy one for yourself. Sorry for not posting...but Baiiii!!